[ RadSafe ] Publication Aimed at Your Kids and Libraries

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sat Dec 6 04:26:52 CST 2008

      Here is a link to the first issue of the publication "DU Truth" which has no relation to truth whatsoever.  Suggest that you monitor your local library, school system, colleges to make them aware that this publication does not provide accurate information despite its name.  I can send a copy to anyone who would like to view it as well.  I believe that Issue #2 may also be out.

      Roger Helbig

      PS -- does anyone know anything about Carl Lundgren - he may not be out on the lecture circuit like Rokke and Moret, but he has steadily been building a large coalition opposing DU munitions - he may be from Troy and thus a neighbor to the infamous National Lead site at Colonie, NY, but he seems to be with the Bronx Greens.

        File        : /DU TRUTH/DU Truth.pdf 
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        Description : Volume 1, Number 1 

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      troywilly2 cllundgren at earthlink.net

      Carl Lundgren


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