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Dec. 6

Concerning Carl Lundgren (found via a Google search) ----


Posted by Carl Lundgren on Nov 15, 2008

There are a number of organizations around the world that are working to 
bring the DU issue into the spotlight so that an eventual ban on it's [sic] 
use can be achieved. I co-chair one of those groups - The Coalition to Ban 
Depleted Uranium (CBDU), based in New York. In New York we we're able to 
get a local legislator to draft legislation (now signed into law) that 
requires the testing and treatment of New York National Guard troops and 
military personnel for DU poisoning and other toxins. However, as so often 
happens with this sort of effort, [edit]

Carl Lundgren
Co-chair, CBDU
Chair, Bronx County Green Party



Thursday, October 25, 2007
Green Party of Monroe County (New York)

Carl Lundgren served on the Green Party of New York State's Web Committee, 
and on its Campaign Committee.




June 9, 2005
City Hall
Council Chambers
New York, New York

B E F O R E:

[chairman]:  "Today we will be hearing testimony on Resolution 367-A, which 
calls upon Congress to pass the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill.  The 
Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill is a bill that would allow those who 
are who are opposed to participation in the war, based on religious, moral 
or ethical principles, to have their taxes used for non-military purposes 


"My name is Carl Lundgren. I'm a member, I'm the Chair of Bronx Greens, a 
local of Green Party of New York State. I'm also the State Committee rep to 
the State Green Party from the 82nd Assembly District in the Bronx. And I'm 
also representing a Bronx group called Bronx Peace, and the Lamont Chapter 
of the Human Society of Metropolitan New York."


         The latter affiliation is a chapter of the American Humanist 
Society that is named after Corliss Lamont, a prominent humanist.

         Lamont's website: 

         From his website:

Corliss Lamont was born to Wall Street wealth, yet he championed the cause 
of the working class, and was derided as a "Socialist" and a "traitor to 
his class".  Corliss Lamont's Humanist belief that earthlings have evolved 
without supernatural intervention and are responsible for their own 
survival on this planet caused traditionalists to label him a "godless 


At 02:26 AM 12/6/08 -0800, Roger Helbig wrote:

>       Here is a link to the first issue of the publication "DU Truth" 
> which has no relation to truth whatsoever.  Suggest that you monitor your 
> local library, school system, colleges to make them aware that this 
> publication does not provide accurate information despite its name.  I 
> can send a copy to anyone who would like to view it as well.  I believe 
> that Issue #2 may also be out.
>       Roger Helbig
>       PS -- does anyone know anything about Carl Lundgren - he may not be 
> out on the lecture circuit like Rokke and Moret, but he has steadily been 
> building a large coalition opposing DU munitions - he may be from Troy 
> and thus a neighbor to the infamous National Lead site at Colonie, NY, 
> but he seems to be with the Bronx Greens.


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