[ RadSafe ] 1996 Question 9 Part D.3 answer

Don Parry dparry at michigan.gov
Wed Dec 10 12:16:17 CST 2008

I will give you a hint... it is the product of the following numbers

3.7e4, 1000, 3600, 24, 1e6, 1.6e-19 and 100

I will leave it to you to sort out why... also, there may be a quicker way... I went to J/kg and then to rem 

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>>> "Dixon, John E. (CDC/CCEHIP/NCEH)" <gyf7 at cdc.gov> 12/10/2008 10:13 AM >>>
I am studying for Part II. I found this answer from the exam solutions by Ken Skrable. Can somebody please explain where the (51.1) term came from? Here's the equation:
CEDE = (51.1) *[A Eavg/m lambdae]




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