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We're preparing a major revision to our training program, so I've been collecting things offered through RadSafe and AMRSO, as well as my wanderings across the Web.  Here are links to some.

Cute little 1911 article.
May be useful in questioning the cell phone radiation controversy.

Recent news of a compact nuclear power supply.

Conversation starter.

A little bigger handout for researchers.

Educational resource page.

Australian Uranium Assoc. Education Publications

I especially like the Australian handouts for their colors and cartoons.  (Color printers are nice tools.)

The national labs and ORAU have interesting items.
HPS of course, if you have access.
And shouldn't forget NRC and state agency papers.
Various universities, especially those offering HP degrees.
Hormesis is a good search topic as well.
With a little Googling, I remember finding some K-12 school sites.
Searching through RadSafe postings may provide some useful references.

Hope this helps.

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Does anyone have a good source for radiation related materials that would
make good handouts for all types of people, from school kids to researchers?
I am looking to improve my radiation safety training programs, and would
like to distribute more than just copies of my slides.


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