[ RadSafe ] Short Half Life = Pornography? or: RelativityConfusesMe.

Geo>K0FF GEOelectronics at netscape.com
Sun Dec 14 15:21:06 CST 2008

Marcel, I ask you as listowner to end and delete  this sort of activity.

To anyone else on this list, please inform OFFLIST to this poster what a 
Ludlum is, also inform him that the number zero is = 0 and the letter O is = 
O. Not the same thing at all.

George Dowell,
US FCC assigned call sign K0FF

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You may enjoy having whome so ever around. I do not, but choose them myself.
Do not blame me, if I do not want to have somebody like KOFF (abbrevition of
Synebrychoff, a former russian brewery in Finland, when it was a russian
territory and it is still working) on the group. The opinions of this "KOFF"
are to far from RADSAFE and he is obviously a kind of a vendor of used
equipment, who wants to make some business by offering his completely
outdated instruments. In order to gain some positive reputation he tries to
impress some people on RADSAFE. But as I notice this eems to be in vain.

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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> Personally, I enjoy having KOFF around.
> Syd H. Levine

Thanks Syd, but I do admit to having a sense of humor. Usually it is well
received and even appreciated on my own web groups, where it takes the edge
off the raw facts and figures.
There are a few thousand readers at



where we dwell not on how important we are or how much we know about
radiation detection, but rather HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE LEARN.

People at all levels who work in the field with radiation detection are by
necessity equipment oriented. Not so paper-pushers and front office
personnel. Instead they need typewriters and pencil sharpeners.  This group
is supposed to have " several thousand radiation professionals". Makes you
wonder why no one else picked up on the 2.22 10E6 DPS blunder of last
Thursday? I held my tongue for 4 days before correcting it.

Yes we are scientists, geologists, med techs, miners, prospectors,
paleontologists, oil exploration techs, scrap metal workers, you name it.
What we have in common is dirty fingernails and Ludlum, Canberra, Wm. B
Johnson etc. hardware.

Nucleonics is the "science and technology of nuclear energy and its
application".  My specialty happens to be detection equipment systems and
calibration. This year I have done over 1000 systems. I do get into the
field as much as I can, and have in total conducted field trips to over 50
different countries and just about every ocean.

There is a talented singer named Cindy Lauper, who talks funny, looks funny
and dresses funny. I love her quote: "People look at me and laugh. When I
sing, they stop laughing".

To do a global websearch of my scientific and technical papers, search

George Dowell, radiation
or just K0FF

Don't forget that is K zero FF.

........................................................No one is laughing.

George Dowell

Been there, Done that.

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