[ RadSafe ] Radioactivity in building material

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 15:06:09 CST 2008


We have compiled an Austrian Standard for the radioactivity in building
material a long time ago - it actually took us probably a decade to finish
it, because there were not many possibilities to learn about other
countries' approaches to that question. Now the standard has been revised -
unfortunately without my collaboration because I mostly was in Poland and
other places abroad. The revision is in principle ok, but what was not only
for me in my personal review of the new proposal of concern, but also for
the other members in the supervising body, where I am also a member, was the
decision, what dose rates to prescribe as not to be exceeded by the building
material. The maximum permissible additional dose rate from the admixture of
"waste material" is clearly defined in Austrian law, but the one from the
unaltered building material gives problems.

Of course I am aware of solutions using common sense, but sorry to say,
Austrian legislation is not always based on common sense - as it is probably
everywhere else the same problem. The European Union is obviously working on
a directive, but I do not know, when to expect it.

I would be happy to receive information through the vast RADSAFE network.
All information about the MPC of Rn-222 in indoor air will be appreciated as
well, though this is not the basic topic of the Austrian Standard.

Please send informations or links to me. I speak not only German, but also
English, Swedish (+Norvegian, Danish), French, a little Spanish, Italian and
Portuguese and I have easy access to translation capacity for Finnish
through my children. Therefore there should be no major problem as to the
language in which the legislation is issued.

Thanks to everybody who answers to this request!


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