[ RadSafe ] Intrinsically safe survey meter

Doug Aitken jdaitken at sugar-land.oilfield.slb.com
Mon Dec 22 09:07:20 CST 2008

Carl: Tracerco also make an intrinsically safe contamination meter (T201)
but I'm not sure it will help you. According to the blurb it does have some
ability to discriminate between nuclides (spectral binning?), but I am not
sure that it will discriminate between alpha and beta

Contact Adam Golightly for full info.

Note: Schlumberger use their T202 and mud monitoring detectors from Tracerco
and have found them to be reliable. But we do not have any T201, so cannot
comment on its performance.
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I have a need for an intrinsically safe (explosion proof) alpha survey
meter. Ideally I need a dual alpha/beta survey instrument. I have found
where Ludlum now makes the Model 3-IS with a 44-9 alpha/beta/gamma probe but
with my application I need to distinguish between alpha and beta

Does anybody here have any first hand experience with an intrinsically safe
survey meter? Does anyone have suggestions for a vendor or model? Also, any
specific operation considerations would be appreciated.


Carl Speer

Safety and Ecology Group

Oak Ridge, TN

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