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I have a need for an intrinsically safe (explosion proof) alpha survey
meter. Ideally I need a dual alpha/beta survey instrument. I have found
where Ludlum now makes the Model 3-IS with a 44-9 alpha/beta/gamma probe but
with my application I need to distinguish between alpha and beta

Does anybody here have any first hand experience with an intrinsically safe
survey meter? Does anyone have suggestions for a vendor or model? Also, any
specific operation considerations would be appreciated.


Carl Speer

Safety and Ecology Group

Oak Ridge, TN"

A: Carl, I have the Tracerco T201 and T202. The T 201 is just a pancake detector. The T202 is Gamma/X-Ray only.  

The pancake will detect alpha and beta fine, and I suppose a filter could be used to discriminate, but nothing like a  Ludlum 2224, 2360 or 2929 all of which I also own ( none for sale, mine personally).

Do you have to log the individual alpha and beta counts?  It's pretty easy to use a regular pancake like the Ludlum 44-9, up close to the surface for contamination monitoring, if a hot spot is noticed, pull it back 2 inches. Alphas won't travel that far in air but betas can ( 10 feet per MeV more or less). To read the Gamma/X-Ray component, flip it over, read through the back of the 44-9. It takes longer to say it than it does to do it. 

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab

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