[ RadSafe ] NYC Bans Geiger counters!!!

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My flight story:
My RadEye G was pulled out from my computer bag by TSA and I was
similarly asked what it was.  I told him that it detects radiation.  He
said they were going to put it back through the x-ray machine.  I said
"Let's turn it on and see what we get."  So I turned it on and cleared
the dose and it went back through the machine.  It registered 0.03 mRem
(0.3 uSv).  He seemed genuinely interested in the results.  
I think it important to take opportunities like that to inform those
screeners.  You usually don't have more than a few moments to get
information across, but in a small way it starts to demystify radiation.
And, of course, I had plenty of time before my flight.

Charlie Ellars

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My flight story. I was recently carrying a G-M pancake probe with me to
protect it from pressure changes in the cargo area.  A security guard at
the X-ray unit pulled me out of line and asked what it was.  I didn't
want to use the word radiation but wanted to be truthful so I said it
was a free electron detector.  The security guard waived me right
through.  I guess the word electron sounded safe enough.

Dave Ottley
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