AW: [ RadSafe ] Cell phone automatic radiation detection.

Fred McWilliams fredmcw at MIT.EDU
Fri Feb 1 07:24:34 CST 2008

The use of radiation detectors embedded into cell phones is not a new concept.

Polismart ( )  has developed this concept 
sometime ago.  I' have not seen them, played with them, or heard of 
them in use.  But the units have always caught my interest.

I believe the difference here is to embed a simple device (not taken 
up much space) that would relay the information and location to 
decision makers without the user actively knowing and based on a grid 
approach (distance to source and reading) triangulate to the position 
of the source to enable appropriate response and resources. (speculation)

One item of note or question would be the availability of cell 
phone/bluetooth during an actual event.


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