[ RadSafe ] NYC Council bill on detectors: Simple question

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Fri Feb 1 22:50:52 CST 2008

Feb. 1

         I can see two problems with this.  First one is assuming that the 
courts will realize that this law irrational and throw it out.  Second, the 
courts are not supposed to be running the country.  Legislative bodies are 
supposed to run the country, and the states, and the counties, and the 
cities.  The proper place to apply the pressure is to the NYC council, so 
this abomination of a law never gets passed.

Steven Dapra

At 10:06 PM 1/31/08 -0600, Dan W McCarn wrote:
>Don't try to make sense of something when the concept is absurd.  I will
>still have my radiation detection equipment and use it.  We have a concept
>called judicial review in the USA that allows bad laws to be overturned by
>the courts when application of that law abridges more fundamental freedoms.
>We have "freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." For a
>scientist, this probably means "truth".
>Until a case concerning this is actually tried in court and a decision is
>passed whether the law or regulation can be applied, I personally think that
>this NYC Council issue is highly questionable.
>Dan ii
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>I apologize for asking something that many of you probably understand
>- I hesitate to go through all the previous postings/responses to the
>Can anyone summarize in 2-3 lines what the point would be to register
>Geiger counters? (I don't understand it)
>Wouldn't it be better if there were lots of them "out there" so that the
>public learns more about natural background radiation?
>My personal comment only,
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