[ RadSafe ] NYC permitting of detectors: NYPD proposes some changes.

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Mon Feb 4 19:36:28 CST 2008

Feb. 4

         Is anyone doing anything to identify and notify all the 
organizations and companies in NY state that will be affected by this law, 
or that could be affected by it?  I wonder if the Health Physics Society 
has taken any action.  How about the ACGIH, as well as any companies that 
test air, water, or soil; or who do air and water monitoring?  What is 
needed is a groundswell of opposition that will destroy this proposed law, 
and that will serve as a warning to any municipality that might try to pass 
a similar one within its jurisdiction.

         Detector manufacturers need to be notified too.  This thing could 
easily cause a great deal of upheaval and expense for them when they have 
to comply with new (and possibly unreasonable) technical 
specifications.  Some companies could even be forced out of business by the 
additional costs to them of complying with this thing.  As is sometimes the 
case in bidding specifications, manufacturing specifications could be 
written in a way that would favor certain manufacturers.

Steven Dapra

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