[ RadSafe ] Cell phone automatic radiation detection

Richard D. Urban Jr. radmax at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 5 01:08:52 CST 2008

To Neil, Ernesto, et al...
Researchers at Purdue University are working...to develop a...network of cell phones to detect and track radiation...

A system EXACTLY like this was developed over 3 years ago... by Polimaster Technology Inc...now headquartered in VA

Polismart  http://polismart.com

POLISMART™ - the idea of the project is in combining the functions of the multipurpose hand-held instrument which is having the capabilities of gamma-neutron personal radiation detectors (PRD), identifiers of nuclear and radioactive materials (RIID) and the smart phone into one network instrument which is constantly connected to the departmental or public network providing communications with the organizations of experts or the automatic Decision Support System...identification of isotopes according to ANSI N42.34-2003 for RIID, the isotope libraries for the standard categories: Nuclear Materials, Medical isotopes, Industrial isotopes, Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)..
Their 2 detector model...Being equipped with two separate scintillation detectors based on CsI(Tl) and LiI(Eu) the PM1802 is capable to operate as two-channel alarming ratemeter, ensure fast locating and measurement of gamma and neutron radiation sources and to perform fast identification of the gamma and neutron sources on their gamma spectra in the field conditions.... 

I WANT ONE!! ;-)
Richard Urban
Yuma, AZ

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>The article does go on to explain that the cell phone detectors would be
>able to screen out radioactive commercial items such as bananas and screen
>out nuclear medicine patients.  From what the article explains at the
>end, researchers do appear to be aware of these issues, but color me
>skeptical that such discrimination can be built into such a small size
>detector at a reasonabl price...

"Cell phone sensors detect radiation to thwart nuclear terrorism
Researchers at Purdue University are working with the state of Indiana
to develop a system that would use a network of cell phones to detect
and track radiation to help prevent terrorist attacks with radiological
"dirty bombs" and nuclear weapons.

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