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"color me
> skeptical that such discrimination can be built into such a small size
> detector at a reasonabl price..."

Such systems will rely on central processing of the data gathered by the 
field units. Today there are many detectors of small size to choose from, 
the Si diodes,  the CsI crystal on a photocell being quite popular and 
sensitive, but the so called micro-PMT photomultiplier tube with a NaI(Tl) 
crystal is available for stringent spectrum analysis.

The field operative receives readout of gross radiation information, perhaps 
crude but effective spectrum data ( in the High/Low Energy format), but the 
raw data is going to be processed and decisions will be made at a central 

Listmembers are probably aware of the network of fixed radiation detectors 
in the areas surrounding the Nevada Test Site, and other such government run 
networks. They may not be as a ware of grass roots efforts by amateur 
enthusiasts who use the internet to link their BlackCat Systems computer 
controller Geiger Counters to a national network.

George Dowell
New London Nucleonic Labs

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> The article does go on to explain that the cell phone detectors would be
> able to screen out radioactive commercial items such as bananas and screen
> out nuclear medicine patients.  From what the article explains at the
> end, researchers do appear to be aware of these issues, but color me
> skeptical that such discrimination can be built into such a small size
> detector at a reasonabl price...
> Not to mention the issues with NYC's proposed regulations on registration 
> of
> radiation detectors, especially ones that send their signals to some
> monitoring station.  Imagine having to register each of these cell phones
> when travelling to a major global business hub such as NYC.  Perhaps the
> phones could be programmed to "self-register" when in range of a NYC cell
> phone site.  I can imagine what privacy advocates might think of this
> arrangement!
> Ernesto

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