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Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Wed Feb 6 01:53:37 CST 2008


Saturday morning, April 15, 2006, I was listening to a favourite radio
station, Malaspina College radio CHLY-FM, from Nanaimo. They were
interviewing Leuren Moret, a geophysicist from Berkeley CA, who had worked
at US nuclear labs.   

Your DU story teller George Turnbull starts out by telling how much he
learned from Leuren Moret.  That means that he knows pretty much nothing.
Leuren Moret is a fraud.  Her actual education and experience does not
qualify her to say squat about DU.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Geology
from 1968, got a Masters in Mid East Studies, where she got her strong lean
to the Palestinian, etc. causes, and worked on a doctorate in Geology but
dropped out over nearly two decades ago.  She is called "Doctor Moret" by
admirers; she has no doctorate.  She claims to be a "scientist"; most people
think that a scientist is someone who has actually discovered something,
taught classes in a college, or has an advanced degree.  Moret has never
discovered anything, not taught any college classes and has no advanced
scientific degree.  She claims to be a "nuclear scientist" or "radiation
expert" by virtue of having worked at Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratories.  I wrote both of them asking exactly what
she did there.  She was a grad student in Berkeley and her contribution to
research by a fellow student who later became a distinguished professor at
Stanford University was recognized by her name appearing in the paper that
resulted from his doctoral research.  She was an even more "impressive
scientist" at Livermore - a Senior Scientific Technologist in the Center for
Applied Scientific Computing and she worked there all of about 11 months and
left there in 1990.   Now, in her worldwide career of travelling on other
people's dimes, she claims that DU is responsible for a world wide epidemic
of diabetes and that the atomic testing in Nevada is responsible for dumbing
America's students as reflected in significantly reduced SAT scores.  She
loves the limelight and has appeared on dozens of questionable
internet/radio shows.  Is that the kind of person that your publication (if
it is indeed an actual magazine), wants to celebrate.  Tell George to
contact me.  I am the enfant terrible of the anti-DU crusade because I
follow up as many of the Google alerts, etc. that I get about their
worldwide antics and I make every possible effort to refute their nonsense.
The US Navy by the way decided that it did not need DU kinetic energy
penetrators to shoot down sea skimming missiles and has changed to tungsten
projectiles.  That happened years ago, so your article is not even
particularly timely.  I suggest that you publish a retraction.


Roger W Helbig


This files link has more on Moret, Doug Rokke and other frauds in the
anti-DU crusade along with factual material as well

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