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RE:  Depleted Uranium in the Strait of Georgia

Or how I was hooked by "du" - a personal journey 

If you lived in the northern Strait of Georgia - in the area of Texada,
Lasqueti, Hornby, Denman, Comox, Quadra, and Cortes Islands - in the late
1980s and early 1990s, you or your family may have witnessed or been
affected by this activity. The Merchant Legal Group, lawyers for the Agent
Orange class action suit at Camp Gagetown, would like to hear from you. 

by G. Turnbull

Your writer says


"Wednesday April 26th, I was talking to an unnamed source who used to be in
the Canadian military and who was on board a Canadian naval ship when not
only was the US navy test firing DU munitions in Whiskey Gulf but so was the
Canadian navy and at least three other NATO navies, not only the Phalanx but
every gun! This was in the late l980s, early l990, prior to their use in the
l99l Gulf War. This source could face military justice for divulging this
and therefore insists on anonymity. This information has since been
confirmed by another ex-military person."


The sources are always anonymous - that way the writer can not be held
accountable - if you have been around for 15 years, I presume that you have
a reputation to uphold and are not a conspiracy site like Global Research
which also claimed that the Indian Ocean Tsunami was caused by the Israelis
setting off a  nuclear bomb deep under the sea - of course an earthquake
that shifted the tilt of the Earth on its axis did not start with a nuclear
bomb - 


FALSE- no other gun aboard a Navy ship fired a DU penetrator round - only
very few other guns do either - your writer also discusses non-existent DU
bombs -  he has made no effort to research the subject by even talking with
the local Physics, Chemistry or Geology professor - he has made no effort to
determine how much uranium is in the soil of his own backyard or in the
waters of Georgia Straight.


No one on your editorial staff did any research either and now your article
is out all over the world or soon will be because Alfred Lambremonte Webre
(also known for his past direct experiences with extra terrestrials) has
become a champion of Leuren Moret (she may be sleeping with him - I would
not put it past either one of them) and as CAMPAIGN spams numerous Yahoo
lists and anti-DU crusaders on the lists spread his posts even further.  You
eventually will end up being known for having joined the conspiracists
instead of having sound writing about environmental issues.  A good topic is
the coming tsuamin in the Northwest US, British Columbia area - it's coming
- no one knows when, but the same kind of subduction zone that triggered the
Indian Ocean Tsunami is present off the Pacific Coast in your region.


Roger Helbig

Geologist, just like Moret - my degree is from 1969 and I never worked as a
Geologist either and I don't let people claim that I am a Geophysicst either


You can either join the Yahoo Group DUStory to read these files or you can
write me and I will send them to you


0%26%20Moret.pdf>  - Cites Carmichael & Moret.pdf 
Moret - One-time Geology Grad Student at Lawrence Berkeley National


f>  Scout Meter and DU.pdf 
Why the Gamma Scout Meter used by Leuren Moret in Hawaii can not detect DU
in the air


ployment.pdf>  and Fulk Livermore Employment.pdf 
Leuren K Moret, Marion Fulk - Employment at Lawrence Livermore National


uard%20Bastarache.htm>  and CERAMICS by Edouard Bastarache.htm 
Uranium & Ceramics by Edouard Bastarche - Good description of DU at end
(this may just work as a link to his web pages)


.pdf>  - Chap 11 pg 639.pdf 
Depleted Uranium Report, Royal Society


None of these sources have any solid science about DU - every single one of
them is an activist site that encourages donations!

More Information
Globalresearch.ca, wise-uranium.org, mindfully.org and stop-du.org all have
good information and links about DU. Look for the 2001 report to the World
Health Organization, Radiological Toxicity of DU. The Moret interview is
archived at radio4all.net. You may wish to use public access internet to
avoid being on a list.


The two best international sources about DU are the UNEP Report and the IAEA
Report - actual scientific teams spent lengthy period in the field and
laboratory to produce these - none of them were political activists with an
axe to grind


Depleted <http://postconflict.unep.ch/publications/BiH_DU_report.pdf>
Uranium in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Postconflict Assessment 
300 pg detailed UN Environmental Programme Report 


Along with being a detailed report of field and laboratory research, this
shows the A-10 fired GAU-8 30mm penetrator round - pictures of the round
still intact in its aluminum case after it had impacted the ground show that
the vast bulk of these rounds are still lying intact and do not expose the
DU to the environment.  I don't know anything about the Phalanx 20mm round -
whether it is encased in any other metal or not - I just know from Navy
sources on the net that it is no longer in production and I also believe has
been removed from service some years ago.


Radiological <http://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/publications/PDF/Pub1164_web.pdf>
Conditions in Areas of Kuwait With Residues of Depleted Uranium 
Includes Appendix III - Experiments to Examine Resuspension 


Your writer further claims


"I am not a political animal and, feeling against a wall, I came back to my
original concern about my health and started researching uranium
detoxification. DU in the body acts as a toxin like other heavy metals such
as mercury and lead, plus it is radioactive, doing DNA damage wherever it
is. DU stays in the body much longer than other forms of uranium, according
to H.D.Sharma."


H. D. Sharma is falsely hypothesizing - DU is natural uranium, with the U235
removed - as a chemical, it is exactly the same as any other uranium and its
chemical characteristics are what determines how long it remains in the
human body - I bet your writer believes that he never had uranium in his
body before - he would be very wrong - uranium is everywhere - it is a very
common element in the Earth's surface; it is rare only in economically
mineable quantities.


and Chemical Fact Sheets - Argonne National Laboratory 
Forty-three contaminant-specific sheets (29 radionuclides and 14 chemicals)
address: key properties, origin, and use; general environmental levels;
distribution in the body; primary health effects; and standard values for
estimating risk. Six companion radiological fact sheets provide context for:
ionizing radiation; radioactive properties; natural decay series (uranium,
radium, thorium); transuranic series; radiological dispersal device; and
health-based radionuclide concentrations in drinking water and air (the
latter two focus on homeland security context). Two fact sheets address
chemical mixtures, to frame cumulative risk assessments and the evaluation
of interactions. 


More false statements


DU tips, coats, and is solid in munitions from handgun caliber to 5000 pound
bombs. Considering the quantities used (conservatively 3 million kg.), those
small doses apparently add up to the radiation released by 400,000 Nagasaki
A-bombs (500,000 by another source). I don't know how to judge those
numbers. There are 67 million kg. DU munitions 'prepositioned' in South
Korea on three US bases!


DU is not used in hand gun caliber.  It is not used bombs whatsoever.  Every
single DU application has to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission and any Federal Agency employee who lies to the NRC in any filing
faces jail time for making a false statement.  The Army response to the
e-mail petition by Doug Rokke in 2000 has a discussion of all the DU
munitions.  You can also ask the NRC for a copy of every single license to
use DU.  Your writer continues to quote the myths of Moret and friends.
They all lie for a living.  Does your writer also lie for a living or has he
just been sucked in?



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