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Mitchell Davis mitchrn at suddenlink.net
Wed Feb 6 18:06:07 CST 2008

Franz...on this one I can not be silent...

You must have lost your mind.  First, FOX News provides the only fair and
balanced (yes...their slogan but yet true) evaluation of American news and
politics than any other news outlet in America.  If you want the
truth...watch it.  Considering I am not under educated and rarely influenced
I take immediate offence to your comment since it is on my TV all day.  CNN
close to the Bush administration?  That's almost the stupidest thing I have
EVER heard you say (notice I said "almost").  They are so anti-Bush that
even their owner admits it.

The United States of America needs no ones permission or "blessing" to
protect it's interests or citizens.  We are the most powerful and benevolent
nation in the world and have rescued more ass than Miami Vice.  For you and
your ilk to suggest that we receive the blessing of a peon nation such as
yours to protect ourselves or the things our gov't deems important is pure
insanity and actually quite insulting.  If it were not for the US, the
French would be speaking German and you would be wearing knee high black
boots, a nice gray suit with a fancy insignia on the upper sleeve shouting
with your arm in the air to a lunatic wearing the same outfit.  Actually
Franz, if I had it my way, the next country that criticized the US for
anything, I would immediately cut off ALL funding of any nature for a period
of one year.  No money...no food...no oil...no cars...no internet...no
condoms.  NOT A DAMN THING for a period of one year.  If they did it
again...five years.  Third strike and you're out...no aid of any kind
...EVER.  Think you would like that Franz?  

You really should review your history Franz.  Because if it were not for the
United States of America (which I served proudly for 8 yrs), you and your
disgusting ilk would not exist.  Hey...that might not be such a bad thing.

Mitchell Davis, RN, RRPT
Midland, Texas

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Since the topic involves the WMD stories, including nuclear bombs, I do not
hesitate to answer to you and RADSAFE as well - as you did before. 

I do not need "things to be explained to me" by an obvious and ignorant
hardliner of the official G W propaganda. The European Presses (there are
dozens of different countries here) analyse and distribute so many points of
view on US politics that there is no problem to get an overview. Moreover
they monitor US media and I myself read every day at least two US papers
online. I do not know, how I should watch Fox News here in Austria, it is
not broadcasted on my cable network, because probalby nobody is interested
in it because it is characterized almost world wide as a GW propaganda
station and mainly directed towards undereducated and easily influenced
spectators. I sometimes look at CNN, but they seem to be rather close to the
Bush administration. The US primaries are covered to an extent this year in
Austrian papers, which is really disgusting - maybe because there are now
several very severe corruption cases going on in court, heavy political
corruption has been reveiled just a few days ago, that newspapers have to
downplay these topics by putting the US primaries on top - actually the next

Good to know that "most here are familiar with the movie WAG THE DOG",
please excuse that I do not know about the familiarity of the US population
with a certain movie. The coincidence with the Lewinsky story has been
discussed here in Europe extensively. 

What you call an "old joke" is a well known proverb in Austria - indicating
that subordinates may gain so much power that they in fact can command their
supervisors. Sadly in Austria not a joke, but a reality. 

So much about my explanation. But back to your really unacceptable mail: 
What are you talking about international law? The US gives a damn to any
international laws and agreements. The UN resolutions did not give any right
for foreign invasion - if you claim this, it is a lie. The atrocities (I
believe that the spelling "attrocities" is wrong) were of course terrible
and distainful, but did not "oblige the US to invade and see justice done".
A nice byproduct was of course the huge oil deposits in Iraq......  It seems
that more people have been killed after the invasion of the US than by
Saddam Hussein. The US has provoked an internal war, where different groups
of islamists are fiercly fighting each others and where - according to US
sources, which are probably not reliable because of obvious reasons -
Al-Kaida is involved. Al Kaida was not in Iraq during Saddam Husseins reign.

I am not going to discuss anything further with you over the list - the
representative of the GW Bush politics. These politics are over. Let us hope
that anything reasonable like the recent denial of funds for "modernizing"
the nuclear US force etc. etc., which can be read in detail for instance at
the NTI website or on a variety of US papers. 

I would appreciate if nothing like this political propaganda would appear on
RADSAFE again. You are not going to shut my mouth by your unacceptable

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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Gesendet: Dienstag, 05. Februar 2008 09:17
An: Franz Schönhofer; RADSAFE
Betreff: Re: [ RadSafe ] Wag the dog

Once again FRANZ... how many times do you need things explained to you???
QUIT listening to the European Press.  Try Fox News, or even CNN.
FIRST, I'm sure most here are familiar with the movie WAG THE DOG, which
came out just before the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, it tied perfectly
into President Clinton's announcement, three days after admitting for the
first time an "inappropriate relationship" with Ms. Lewinsky, that he
ordered military strikes in two countries.  The movie's title comes from an
old joke, shown in the opening credits of the film: "Why does a dog wag its
tail? Because a dog is smarter than its tail. If the tail were smarter, the
tail would wag the dog." 

SECOND, by international law, since Saddam had failed to comply with umpteen
(how many was it again?) UN (insert laugh track here) resolutions, and had
committed other attrocities like gassing the Kurds, we were obliged to
invade and see justice done.

Why, BECAUSE...Saddam WANTED the world to think he HAD WMD.

"60 Minutes Report: Saddam Let The World Think He Had WMD" is the Headline
Here's a direct link to the interview  perhaps you didn't hear about this,
it happened back in November...

And best for last, perhaps Bush didn't even get it wrong, let alone lie?
...a translation of one of the captured Iraqi documents, a memorandum from
the director of the Iraqi Intelligence Service to the Military
Industrialization Commission discusses counterintelligence information
regarding an informant with knowledge of the locations for Iraqi WMD

"We were informed by one of our sources working abroad, that foreign
intelligence is working to obtain information about some military and
scientific targets in the Country. The undercover source provided us with a
map of the targets...for the purpose of pointing out the enemy’s interest,
and to enable you to maneuver by CHANGING THE LOCATIONS OF THESE TARGETS, in
order to foil enemy’s plans...

What absolutely was NO LIE...Saddams invasion of Kuwait was no lie, nor the
mass graves uncovered over there, nor poison gassings, nor rape and torture
chambers, nor pillaging of moneys to build MULTIPLE palaces, nor...

Rick Urban
Yuma, AZ
American who will NOT tolerate bashing of MY government from anyone.  

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>From: Franz Schönhofer <franz.schoenhofer at chello.at>
>Sent: Feb 2, 2008 2:38 PM
>To: RADSAFE <radsafe at radlab.nl>
>Subject: [ RadSafe ] Wag the dog
>I have just watched on TV the very interesting film „Wag the dog...
>...I remind everybody about the claims of a state, that Iraq had WMD,
>was hiding them in the sand or where so ever...  
>Sorry, I „forgot“ to mention that the film „Wag the Dog“ is a US one,
>released  in 1997 (ninety ninety seven) and long before the latest Iraq
>which is officially waged to bring democracy, peace, bla, bla, bla to Iraq.


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