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Feb. 6

         Good posting, Franz.  You may be better informed about what is 
going on in the US than are many people who live here.

         I too am not a fan of George W.  (I prefer to refer to him as 
"King George," based upon his rather obvious love of personal power and his 
marked ability to use it in a careless and arbitrary manner.)

         As far as "international law" is concerned, I have my doubts about 
whether or not the US --- or any nation --- should consider itself bound by 
such law(s).  United Nations resolutions certainly did not give the US any 
right to invade Iraq, nor did we have any right to invade Iraq with or 
without such resolutions.  These invasion freaks become strangely silent 
when asked why they were not beating the drums for the United States to 
invade Iraq in the 1970s when Iraq was gassing Kurds; or why they didn't 
support a US invasion of the USSR when it was gassing Afghans in the 
1980s.  I often wonder why the invaders didn't want to "see justice done" 
in other times or in other countries.  Your comments about the US provoking 
an internal war in Iraq are right on target.  Our utterly unwarranted 
meddling there has led to nothing but chaos and bloodshed.

Steven Dapra

At 12:26 AM 2/7/08 +0100, Franz Schönhofer wrote:
>Since the topic involves the WMD stories, including nuclear bombs, I do not
>hesitate to answer to you and RADSAFE as well - as you did before.
>I do not need "things to be explained to me" by an obvious and ignorant
>hardliner of the official G W propaganda.


>So much about my explanation. But back to your really unacceptable mail:
>What are you talking about international law? The US gives a damn to any
>international laws and agreements. The UN resolutions did not give any right
>for foreign invasion - if you claim this, it is a lie. The atrocities (I
>believe that the spelling "attrocities" is wrong) were of course terrible
>and distainful, but did not "oblige the US to invade and see justice done".
>A nice byproduct was of course the huge oil deposits in Iraq......  It seems
>that more people have been killed after the invasion of the US than by
>Saddam Hussein. The US has provoked an internal war, where different groups
>of islamists are fiercly fighting each others and where - according to US
>sources, which are probably not reliable because of obvious reasons -
>Al-Kaida is involved. Al Kaida was not in Iraq during Saddam Husseins reign.
>I am not going to discuss anything further with you over the list - the
>representative of the GW Bush politics. These politics are over. Let us hope
>that anything reasonable like the recent denial of funds for "modernizing"
>the nuclear US force etc. etc., which can be read in detail for instance at
>the NTI website or on a variety of US papers.
>I would appreciate if nothing like this political propaganda would appear on
>RADSAFE again. You are not going to shut my mouth by your unacceptable
>Best regards,
>Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
>MinRat i.R.
>Habicherg. 31/7
>A-1160 Wien/Vienna
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>Once again FRANZ... how many times do you need things explained to you???
>QUIT listening to the European Press.  Try Fox News, or even CNN.
>FIRST, I'm sure most here are familiar with the movie WAG THE DOG, which
>came out just before the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, it tied perfectly
>into President Clinton's announcement, three days after admitting for the
>first time an "inappropriate relationship" with Ms. Lewinsky, that he
>ordered military strikes in two countries.  The movie's title comes from an
>old joke, shown in the opening credits of the film: "Why does a dog wag its
>tail? Because a dog is smarter than its tail. If the tail were smarter, the
>tail would wag the dog."
>SECOND, by international law, since Saddam had failed to comply with umpteen
>(how many was it again?) UN (insert laugh track here) resolutions, and had
>committed other attrocities like gassing the Kurds, we were obliged to
>invade and see justice done.
>Why, BECAUSE...Saddam WANTED the world to think he HAD WMD.
>"60 Minutes Report: Saddam Let The World Think He Had WMD" is the Headline
>Here's a direct link to the interview  perhaps you didn't hear about this,
>it happened back in November...
>And best for last, perhaps Bush didn't even get it wrong, let alone lie?
>...a translation of one of the captured Iraqi documents, a memorandum from
>the director of the Iraqi Intelligence Service to the Military
>Industrialization Commission discusses counterintelligence information
>regarding an informant with knowledge of the locations for Iraqi WMD
>"We were informed by one of our sources working abroad, that foreign
>intelligence is working to obtain information about some military and
>scientific targets in the Country. The undercover source provided us with a
>map of the targets...for the purpose of pointing out the enemy’s interest,
>and to enable you to maneuver by CHANGING THE LOCATIONS OF THESE TARGETS, in
>order to foil enemy’s plans...
>What absolutely was NO LIE...Saddams invasion of Kuwait was no lie, nor the
>mass graves uncovered over there, nor poison gassings, nor rape and torture
>chambers, nor pillaging of moneys to build MULTIPLE palaces, nor...
>Rick Urban
>Yuma, AZ
>American who will NOT tolerate bashing of MY government from anyone.
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> >I have just watched on TV the very interesting film „Wag the dog...
> >...I remind everybody about the claims of a state, that Iraq had WMD,
> >was hiding them in the sand or where so ever...
> >
> >Sorry, I „forgot“ to mention that the film „Wag the Dog“ is a US one,
> >released  in 1997 (ninety ninety seven) and long before the latest Iraq
> >which is officially waged to bring democracy, peace, bla, bla, bla to Iraq.

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