[ RadSafe ] Depleted Uranium Interview on International TV

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 00:04:16 CST 2008


There are a number of con artists in the DU game; Mohammed Daud Miraki is
one of them.  I see that he has contacted you.  I am curious why you want to
do a show on DU and whether you actually want to inform the public or just
inflame them.  The anti-DU crusade that you have contacted is purely
interested in the latter; most of them just parrot each other and
regurgitate the same basic misinformation that began being on the net in the
1990s.  If you really want a show, expose these frauds for what they are,
people who hog the limelight and love travelling around on other people's
dimes.  Miraki is one of these, he continues to solicit donations after the
State of Illinois shut down his non-profit (I have some choice conservations
with him in my e-mail files) because he failed to file the required annual
report (I personally suspect that is because he was not using any monies
that he collected for actual charitable purposes because it is all a con job
- he has gotten his photos though in the Tate Museum in London because they
did an exhibit replicating some anti-war activist's encampment and the
activist had Miraki's photos.  Another is Douglas Lind Rokke, aka Doctor
Rokke, but he neglects to tell the audience that the PhD is in Vocational
Education, not in Physics, Health Physics or Medicine and that his
thesis "Perceived
physics concepts needed to teach secondary technology education as general
education <http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/28328291&referer=brief_results>" has
nothing to do with DU; aka Major Rokke, he neglects to tell the audience
that he is retired Army Reserve and only served less than two years active
duty as an Army Reserve officer (he likes to pretend he is career Army) and
also neglects to tell the audience that he was a pretty junior officer
(First Lieutenant) when he was recalled to active duty in the Gulf War (he
likes to tell people that he Major Rokke was personally selected to clean up
the DU mess and that is totally untrue - he was ordered to active duty with
his unit and spent the war in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, not in the front lines
as he claims when he claims that he is a a disabled combat veteran - to be a
disabled combat veteran, first you have to be in combat! not in a
headquarters over 500 miles away.  I have made a personal study of Rokke
after he smeared me in 2004.  I have contacted and done e-mail interviews
with his former peers and superiors and have gotten 26 pages of his Army
records under the Freedom of Information Act.  I have posted some of them at
this file location in the Yahoo Group DUStory - you are most welcome to
learn, especially if you actually wish to inform and not just to inflame -
the links section is also in a public e-mail and that URL follows the files.

http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DUStory/message/55 (links) just click on
each of them, starting with the UNEP Report to learn more about DU than you
will get from any of the anti-DU crusader activists
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DUStory/message/56 (files) - you have to
join the group to actually view these, but you can get an idea of what is
here by looking at this public message

Another place to learn is http://www.depletedcranium.com - there is a
lengthy discussion of uranium from glazing a plate to making a bomb and how
much is in your own backyard to the misinformation that the activists peddle
all over the net

Another major fraud is Leuren K Moret.  She loves to be interviewed, but do
your homework first and ask other people about her crackpot theories like DU
being responsible for a worldwide epidemic of diabetes.  Moret has
influences a lot of activists and even legislators, but it is pure con.  She
even has sent a forged document to Members of Congress and that forged
document, the Memo to Groves is frequently discussed when activsts falsely
claim that DU was first thought of as an aerosol (they have to make
something that is solid gaseous to make their audiences think in terms of
WMDs like Sarin (Nerve) gas - If you look in the links message, you will
find the chemical and physical properties of uranium and its compounds - you
will find that uranium dioxide solidifies from a melt at 3000 degrees Kelvin
and is a gas at a much higher temperature than that.

I need to go home -- it is getting pretty late - I stay late because I have
56K dial up at home and with all the research I do, I need higher speed.  I
am really into this as a deadly serious hobby.  I do not work for anyone on
it despite what the internet activists have posted all over the net about
me.  I am a pain in the ass to them and I intend to be as long as I am
able.  I do not support liars of any kind - I was a whistleblower when I
worked for the Federal Government and I have a reputation of telling the
truth no matter what the consequences.

Roger W Helbig

Tassi wants to interview someone about DU -- he sent message to the anti-
DU group NoMoreDU and Miraki responded, but he does not seem to have warmly
embraced Miraki - so Radsafers feel free to respond

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