[ RadSafe ] WAG THE DOG (solution)

Richard D. Urban Jr. radmax at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 8 16:50:55 CST 2008

True, I let him get to me (again)... Considering in the past he has abused other posters to RADSAFE for daring to ask HIM such lowly questions (as if they were writing to HIM personally), or that HE should be remunerated for doing Other's research for them.... 

But, I am no defender of GWB, just the truth.
He can have any opinion he wants, as long it is just that, an opinion, NOT a statement as fact.

But when I responded to him with documentation, he replied with typical belligerence, name calling and comments on my spelling, but nothing to back HIS opinion.   

I further tried to enlighten him with LOTS of further documentation OFFLINE (much even coming from ANTI Bush sites) regarding what was known when and by whom, and of course got nothing but silence.  

Perhaps that is the best way to deal with him... bla , bla, bla

Rick Urban
Yuma, AZ

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