[ RadSafe ] New software to control the radioactive material of your facility MATRALAB

Sebastian sebastian at matralab.com
Fri Feb 8 17:47:16 CST 2008

Hello. My name is Miguel Angel Sebastian, and I am Radiation Safety
Technician, from Barcelona (Spain).

I know that Commercial postings are not allowed in the mailing list, but I
think that what I am going to tell you can be of interest in the area of the
Radiation Safety.

I have created a software called MATRALAB. Please, visit my website to know
more about it:


MATRALAB is a radiactive material stock & inventory software, very easy to
use and with very innovative features, like automatic RSO validation for
radioactive request, and risk evaluation for the radiation workers. I have
created this program from a practical point of view, since I am also work at
the area of the
radiological protection (I work at the Radiation Safety Office of an
University Hospital, in Barcelona). 
With this program you can control the whole radioactive material of a
facility (with unlimited laboratories, personnel and radioisotopes
authorized), the activity of the radioactive waste, control the use of the
radioactive products...of course, forget decay calculations, MATRALAB
calculates for you.
Please, visit my website and tell me what you think.
Thanks you for your time.

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