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Feb. 10


         Excellent message, John.  In particular I support your suggestion 
that Mitchell show the strength of his feelings and volunteer to go to Iraq.

Steven Dapra

At 10:17 AM 2/10/08 -0800, John Jacobus wrote:
>As a retired Navy officer and sometimes "liberal," I find your comments 
>typical of one who does not appreciate our freedom to speak and disagree 
>with the administration.  I was opposed to the invasion of Iraq from the 
>beginning. However, the incompetance of our intelligence services and the 
>mind-set to show the world we can do whatever we want has resulted in an 
>unstable Middle East, great propaganda for radical terrorist, American 
>dead and wounded, the depletion of military resources that will take years 
>to replace, a ballooning national debt, and a profound distrust of our 
>government by our own public. (I guess I am also a traitor, but certainly 
>do not love my country any less than you.)
>I suggest that if you feel so strongly about our "mission" in Iraq, that 
>you volunteer to go and support our troops in-country.
>Mitchell Davis <mitchrn at suddenlink.net> wrote:
>Let me start by saying I am damn proud to have served my country and I will
>damn well wave it around as I see fit. You bleeding heart liberals that
>hold the armed forces in contempt, sir (and I use that term lightly), are
>quite despicable. For any American to take the name of the armed forces of
>this great country in vain in just plain heresy. Were it not for them, you
>would not have the right to spew your vile remarks.
>I will not lower myself to trading barbs with you over Iraq. Every one of
>your hero Dem Senators agreed with the same intelligence seen by the
>President. My remarks were the assertion we, the United States of America,
>obtain permission from the most corrupt body on the face of the earth (UN)
>before taking actions to protect our interests is ludicrous. For the idiot
>poet (Franz) or you for that matter to suggest that the US has taken or
>caused more deaths in 5 years than Saddam did in 25 yrs is well...treason.
>As far as foreign aid...I make no distinctions as to the country of origin
>of previously mentioned remarks. You criticize...you get cut off!! So
>don't let your disdain for Egypt and Israel enter the debate.
>As far as Franz being an asset to RadSafe, I'll let the RadSafe masses
>decide that. Perhaps if he is so special to you the two of you should move
>in together. Being a Registered Nurse, I do however, suggest you both
>practice safe sex.
>Mitchell Davis, RN, RRPT
>Midland, Texas
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>What a bunch of hooey. Comments interspersed.
>Steven Dapra
>At 06:06 PM 2/6/08 -0600, Mitchell Davis wrote:
> >Franz...on this one I can not be silent...
> >
> >You must have lost your mind. First, FOX News provides the only fair and
> >balanced (yes...their slogan but yet true) evaluation of American news and
> >politics than any other news outlet in America. If you want the
> >truth...watch it. Considering I am not under educated and rarely
> >I take immediate offence to your comment since it is on my TV all day. CNN
> >close to the Bush administration? That's almost the stupidest thing I have
> >EVER heard you say (notice I said "almost"). They are so anti-Bush that
> >even their owner admits it.
>I can't comment on Fox News or CNN, because I don't watch them.
> >The United States of America needs no ones permission or "blessing" to
> >protect it's interests or citizens. We are the most powerful and
> >nation in the world and have rescued more ass than Miami Vice. For you and
> >your ilk to suggest that we receive the blessing of a peon nation such as
> >yours to protect ourselves or the things our gov't deems important is pure
> >insanity and actually quite insulting. If it were not for the US, the
> >French would be speaking German and you would be wearing knee high black
> >boots, a nice gray suit with a fancy insignia on the upper sleeve shouting
> >with your arm in the air to a lunatic wearing the same outfit. Actually
> >Franz, if I had it my way, the next country that criticized the US for
> >anything, I would immediately cut off ALL funding of any nature for a
> >of one year. No money...no food...no oil...no cars...no internet...no
> >condoms. NOT A DAMN THING for a period of one year. If they did it
> >again...five years. Third strike and you're out...no aid of any kind
> >...EVER. Think you would like that Franz?
>Invading Iraq did not protect US interests, nor did it protect US
>citizens. It has killed over 3000 US citizens though. We may be the most
>powerful nation, however might does not make right. Your claim that the
>French would be speaking German is rubbish and shows your resounding
>ignorance about World War II. After Stalingrad Hitler was beaten, and both
>the Germans and the French might have ended up speaking Russian. That
>probably would have done nothing to upset the disciples of FDR; nor would
>it have upset any of the sappy knee-jerk liberals who so plagued this
>country in the 1960s and 1970s.
>I agree with you about cutting off foreign aid, but why not be
>consistent and cut off *all* foreign aid? You can start with cutting off
>Egypt and Israel. I doubt that Austria receives much US foreign aid, and
>if it doesn't Austrians probably wouldn't care if their (possibly)
>non-existent foreign aid came to an end.
> >You really should review your history Franz. Because if it were not for
> >United States of America (which I served proudly for 8 yrs), you and your
> >disgusting ilk would not exist. Hey...that might not be such a bad thing.
>Review your own history. I think Franz is an asset to RADSAFE,
>even when I don't like what he says. Finally, you are not the only one who
>has been in the service, so quit waving it around like it makes you special
>or important.
>Steven Dapra
> >Mitchell Davis, RN, RRPT
> >Midland, Texas

>"If history teaches any lesson it is that no nation has an inherent right 
>to greatness. Greatness has to be earned and continually re-earned."
>- Norman Augustine, Chairman of the National Academies Committee
>-- John
>John Jacobus, MS
>Certified Health Physicist
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