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  And when would you apply this LDR?  If you know a radiological bomb has gone off, isn't it too late?  How much would you administer the dose and how much?  How would your arrange to give this prophylactic doses to large numbers of people?  
  Questions. Questions. Questions.

Jim Muckerheide <rad_sci_health at> wrote:
  Rainer, and friends,

Re your 1) - DARPA doesn't fund "bogus science" but it does do a lot of
prelim testing of "potential" results/effects, which it terminates pretty
quickly if it doesn't show some confirmation.

Re your 2) - This report implies that this is external radiation, but do we
know for sure? Could this be internal exposure (dirty bomb or fallout)?

Note also that, where the report says:

"mice showed enhanced protection when exposed to lethal doses of ionizing
radiation when they were given [first-generation NTH drugs] prior to

We could also quite accurately say:

"mice showed enhanced protection when exposed to lethal doses of ionizing
radiation when they were given [low dose radiation (LDR)] prior to

LDR does have a preventive effect with exposure post-irradiation.
Biological responses are ("may be") the sequelae of the initial nanosecond
radicals and cascade. But the biology can be directly affected minutes to
hours after the initial high-dose exposure.

Best wishes.
Regards, Jim

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> 1) DARPA is not known for funding bogus science.
> 2) The crux indeed is whether the antioxidant, radical scavenging activity
> will help in a post-exposure scenario, i.e., when most or all of the initial
> radicals are gone long ago.
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