[ RadSafe ] NYC permitting of detectors: NYPD proposes some changes.

Philip L Smith servant.electron at juno.com
Sun Feb 10 20:58:09 CST 2008

Following the discussion of the NYC detector law, I have noticed that
various groups are lobbying for exemption or special treatment for their
specific sensor technologies.  They are essentially lining up to be
extensions of the arm of the NYC police.  Orphaned in all of this is the
lowly survey meter - the instrument with the greatest potential to save
lives.  Few are likely to die from a dirty bomb attack.  In the event of
a nuclear detonation, immediate sheltering in place is the most sensible
survival strategy in areas such as Manhattan Island.  On location survey
meters are essential to such sheltering.  This has been completely
ignored by all of the "authorities", even the health physics and
responder groups.  I propose that the contributors to RADSAFE along with
lobbying for their particular fields request exemption of all meters with
initial thresholds above 25mR/hr.  Such instruments will only be pressed
into service when the alarm clearly isn't false.  If the DHS, NYPD, and
NY City Council are honest in their justification for the law, they
should have no problem with such an exemption. 

Phil Smith

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