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Radiant radiation at noos.fr
Mon Feb 11 01:25:51 CST 2008

Soon one year has passed. What has changed? Nothing much: there is 
little radiation safety, and a lot of insults and unconsidered views.

Soon the message of last year will become real ! Replace 2007 with 2008.

your Radiant

Dear RadSaferS

After fifteen years, RadSafe, an international e-mail list devoted to 
the topic of radiation protection (Health Physics) has decided to close 
down definitively for the following reasons:

1.    The content of the messages circulating has reached during 2007 a 
historical low as to relevance for radiation protection (11.54%)
2.    messages have been submitted only by a few (less than 1% of the 
subscribers have generated over 90% of the messages)
3.    these subscribers are including in their replies the full thread 
of previous messages, so their name appears with a frequency, that has 
absolutely no relation with the relevance their contributions represent 
for a discussion on radiation protection issues, thus heavily polluting 
the Archive.
4.    insults, flames and heavy breathing have become quite frequent; 
these messages are now recorded in the Archives on a HD-DVD (verba 
volant, scripta manent), they will not be destroyed as they might be 
useful for future sociological studies as to behavioural patterns of a 
specialized community during 15 years at the end of the XXth and 
beginning of the XXIth century of our era.
5.    These ‘frequent’ archive polluters reply mostly without thinking, 
not taking into account (or intentionally?) that there is a community of 
about 3000 RadSaferS out there. The game seems to be “Why don’t you? Yes 
but …”, first you ask for help with a problem then, you shoot down every 
possible suggestion….. Some are suffering of an acute form of RadSafe 
neurosis. The good practice of trying to place oneself somehow in the 
role of the recipient in order to improve message clarity has almost 
completely been abandoned.

Thanks go to all those, who have submitted questions and provided 
answers which have helped improving common understanding and have 
provided scientific / technical responses to key issues.

No thanks go to Archive polluters and those who have expressed opinions 
we would qualify of ‘stalinistic-talibanistic’ nature. (science is about 
resolving doubts and improving knowledge, not about expressing absolute 
certainties). They have made RadSafe useless and have thus definitively 
killed it.

We intend to open a new mail-server soon, called the RADIANT. This will 
include the full RadSafe list (you need to confirm your interest though) 
excluding of course the names of those who have harmed RadSafe.

With Regrets (sit tibi terra levis),

The RadSafe Administration


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