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Peter Bossew peter.bossew at jrc.it
Mon Feb 11 03:14:33 CST 2008

For those interested in the subject:

As part of the 33rd. International Geological Conference (IGC), Oslo, 
6-14th Aug. 2008, there will be a sub-symposium, "9th International 
Workshop on the Geological Aspects of Radon Risk Mapping" 
(12.+13.August) and a Workshop : "Radon Risk Mapping: From Soil-Gas to 
Indoor Concentrations" (14.Aug.)

Homepage of the IGC: www.33igc.org
Additional information: http://radonmapping.jrc.it/

The 3rd announcement (6 Feb.) can be downloaded as pdf from 
http://radonmapping.jrc.it/  .

Deadline for abstracts: 1st March.


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