[ RadSafe ] DOT/IATA definition of raioactive material

Kulp, Jeffrey B kulpjb at wsu.edu
Mon Feb 11 11:41:29 CST 2008



                A colleague of mine is preparing a package containing
C-14 labeled vitamin C for shipment from the US to Canada. The C-14
activity is 0.025 mCi, or 9.25 e 5 Bq. Both DOT and IATA regulations
identify a specific activity requirement and an overall package activity
requirement to meet the definition of radioactive material. The package
does not meet the overall activity requirement, but it does meet the
specific activity requirement. I maintain that since both conditions are
not met, the package is an exempt shipment, thereby requiring no
identification of the C-14 component of the package. An e-mail to an
IATA representative in Canada was sent to verify my interpretation. This
individual said that only one of the two requirements had to be met to
identify the package as a radioactive material shipment. Can anyone give
me guidance on this issue?




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