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Tue Feb 12 13:23:34 CST 2008

Hello all,


I talked with a sales rep at Isotope Products, and they still have the
plans for several multi-range "dial-a-source" jigs for analog meters.
They have plans for the BCS-5 ( Sr/Y-90) check source that fits the
Thermo 380AB and 360 and similar-sized probes (100cm2 scint plus
pancake) ; ACS-5 alpha calibrator jig (the blue one) which is the same
size (Pu-239);  and the GCS-3 gamma calibrator (Am-241) for the Bicron
(Thermo) Microrem.  The purpose of these was to check all ranges of an
instrument using one source.


They don't make them anymore, but the sales rep says they could start
making them again if there was enough interest.  Isotope products bought
out "The Source, Inc.", who used to make these.  I remember seeing notes
from the DOE instrument working group that there was some talk about not
being able to get these anymore, and that as they break or leak, they
can't be replaced.  However I think with some prodding from DOE, NRC and
private companies who would like new jigs made, they might start making
them again.  


So I am sending this to radsafe to see if there is enough interest.
Please forward this to anyone looking for new jigs or who still use
multi-range analogs.  If I can get back to the salesperson with some
potential sales momentum, we might be able to get these back in
production.  Also on the NRC side, maybe the reactors still use analog
meters as well, but I'm not sure.  I don't have any contacts in that


I have pictures of these source jigs as well.


Thanks much,


Todd Guilmette




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