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Interesting the Dr. Scott was not asked to participate an the NCRP meeting. http://www.ncrponline.org/Annual_Mtgs/2008_Electronic_Program.pdf  But I guess it you really wanted to know the current research results, I would suggest you attend the NCRP meeint.  It is a shame others are not comforted by the Taiwanese study that the orginal authors admit is incomplete.
  That being said, it you or others wish to continue this contact, please do so off line.  
  I would note that Dr. Cameron died several years ago.  I assume that you knew that.

howard long <hflong at pacbell.net> wrote:
          New: Bobby Scott's presentation last summer at the Oakland DDP meeting 
  really shook up my plans for preventing radiation injury after overexposure
  (perhaps use of the nuclear bomb sought by alQaeda and islamo-fascists).
  I had expected to use ALARA with my NukAlert, 
  to minimize exposure (over ~10rem).
  The fact that mice overexposed were MORE likely to survive with added exposure,
  removes my confidence I would be doing good, except at clear extremes. 
  I am comforted by the Taiwan lessening of deformities with extra 0.4 Sv 
  over 10 years, since 50 years ago I did pelvimetry in my office.
  The 50 thoriated welding rods I sit on ~3hours/day I measure at about
  0.2 mR/hr extra exposure. Its an easy way to get about what I would 
  if I lived in Denver instead of the SF Bay area. 
  I like the better statistics for cancer, longevity, etc.
  Howard Long

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  Dr. Long,
  Again you cite studies that are discredited.  Do you ever read anything new on the subject?  If your mean that HPs decrease cancer by ensuring radiation exposure is ALARA (as low as reasonably achievble), yes, I guess we do.  Controlling risk is what people in safety professions are supposed to do.
  I assume that your insulting remake that "am glad JJ never had direct responsibility for anyone's life" was said in the heat of some anger.  Every day I drive a car, I am responsible for those in my car and other cars.  I certainly was responsible for the care of my wife and children.  Many of us choose professions where we think we benefit society.  I am glad that I do what I do, and not some self-centered physicians that I have met.
  I try to not get my medical knowledge for ads on TV.  

howard long <hflong at pacbell.net> wrote:
      Are health physicists ONLY protectors from harm, or, like physicians,
  can HPs improve health with supplemental radiation?
  I contend HPs can and will decrease cancer (not just prevent increase),
  improve healing (I'm looking at Jerry Cuttler's "Disinfecting Wounds With Radiation"),
  and decrease premature deaths (although likely not as much as the water, food 
  and waste engineers who belie Malthus).
  Positive effects must be in any formula describing the effects of radiation.
  Cameron demonstrated how the one-tailed test (showing only harm and not benefit
  in the Nuclear Shipyard Worker Study), showed only the lack of harm. 
  It failed to show amazing reduction of cancer and low total mortality rate (to 0.76) 
  with exposure to supplemental radiation of 0.5 rem (healthy worker effect well controlled).
  That's about what I get from sitting on the thoriated welding rods ~3 hours/d.
  Howard Long
  PS I have done appendectomies and am glad JJ never had direct responsibility for anyone's life.
  Every patient is different and not entirely predictable. Hormesis amd low dose treatment  
  also may be as much art as science, when applied to variable individuals.  
  PPS LACK of exercise has been proven to aggravate many degenerative diseases.
  Physiotherapists would love to take on  JJ.
  Athletic trainers might convince even JJ of positive effects of exercise.
   Just look at the TV ads!  


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