[ RadSafe ] Wisconsin Legislature passes anti-DU bill

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Tue Feb 12 21:16:40 CST 2008

Another "for the troops" piece of legislation passes - maybe the Governor is
willing to veto, but not likely - here is what I know so far 


http://symbioid.livejournal.com/1077572.html?view=1392964#t1392964  this
appeared from some guy calling themselves Mama Bear 


Wisconsin Assembly Bill 75... Huh.

So apparently this bill passed and is waiting for the governor's signature.

>From what I understand this is to help "prevent"(?) DU related health issues
by directing the Wisconsin Dept of Veterans Affairs (or something like that)
to inform veterans of the health consequences of depleted uranium.

What I don't get is how this passed unanimously. Repubs and Dems, not a
single nay vote.

Did nobody tell them that their own Federal Gubmint denies any health risks
whatsoever associated with DU? What happens when this bill passes. It's
interesting, IMO.


I replied 


From: (Anonymous)
2008-02-13 03:10 am (UTC)


(Link <http://symbioid.livejournal.com/1077572.html?thread=1392964#t1392964>


The world scientific community denies that DU has caused any illness, birth
defects, etc. The anti-DU crusade that started with Saddam Hussein and
Milosevich's governments wanting to paint US as the real ogre, not them, has
flooded the internet with lies and then painted DU as the new Agent Orange
and is using people like you to carry their water for them. 

Go to www.depletedcranium.com or 
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DUStory/message/55 or
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DUStory/message/57 where you can learn
about some of the most prominent liars in the anti-DU crusade like Douglas
Lind Rokke, who I am sure had an influence on the Wisconsin legislature.
This message has a login and password so that you do not have to join the
Yahoo Group DUStory to view these files. Learn more about DU and realize
that you too have been had by the anti-DU crusade.

Roger Helbig


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