[ RadSafe ] Myth Busters and Irradiated Cockroaches - Jan 30 Food irradiation inIndia

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Dear John,

I am aware of the recognition of  radiation processing of food  as safe by the IAEA. In fact some of my colleagues at the Bhabha Atomic Reserach Centre were consultants to the IAEA in the endeavour. The recognition by the Government of India was needed to prepare the legislation to start commercial irradiation of food products. This took some time. I  participated in the drafting of the legislation. You can  read the Atomic Energy (Control of irradiation of food )Rules 1996 at the web site (www.aerb.gov.in) of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.


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It should be noted that the IAEA recognized the safety of food irradiaton.

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Government of India has approved food irradiation as a safe technology
and has provided some financial incentives to those who start the industry.
Unfortunately public still entertain doubts about any radiation related activity.There has been attempts to inform the public about the advantages of food irradiation. I have published a few articles and participated in TV discussions on the topic. The latest article may be seen at



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