[ RadSafe ] Purdue working on cell phones with radiation detection

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sat Feb 16 09:33:46 CST 2008

Feb. 16

         Yes --- "especially happy."  These personal rad detectors will be 
causing so many false alarms . . . .  How about all the alarms from people 
walking by the stacks of fertilizer at the home and garden store?  I 
remember a posting here two or three years ago about all the rad from --- 
what was it --- the potassium?  There won't be enough jails to hold all the 
nuclear medicine patients who get smashed around and dragged off as 
suspected dirty bomb terrorists.  Federal prosecutors will have a heyday.

Steven Dapra

At 06:06 PM 2/15/08 -0500, Susan Gawarecki wrote:
>I'm sure HPs everywhere will be *overjoyed* when every person has their 
>own personal radiation detector.  And local police departments will be 
>especially happy.
>The system proposed below may well be automated.  No truckload of bananas 
>will be safe.  Nor would any patient who had recently undergone a medical 
>procedure involving a radioactive isotope.
>Susan Gawarecki
>Purdue working on cell phones with radiation detection

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