[ RadSafe ] Purdue working on cell phones with radiation detection

Brian Rees brees at lanl.gov
Tue Feb 19 08:47:02 CST 2008

Well, not really folks.
There isn't enough volume in cell phones to offer enough detection 
capability to be useful unless it's a huge (unshielded) source or you're 
right on top of it.
People are either ignoring physics, OR just trying to obtain 
funding...  They could offer bigger cell phones, THAT would be popular!
Of course there are other people who believe they can reshape physics by 
inventing new magic detector materials... and they're getting funding 
too!  Your tax dollars at work!

(Obviously) my own personal opinions.
Brian Rees

At 08:33 AM 2/16/2008, Steven Dapra wrote:
>Feb. 16
>         Yes --- "especially happy."  These personal rad detectors will be 
> causing so many false alarms . . . .  How about all the alarms from 
> people walking by the stacks of fertilizer at the home and garden 
> store?  I remember a posting here two or three years ago about all the 
> rad from --- what was it --- the potassium?  There won't be enough jails 
> to hold all the nuclear medicine patients who get smashed around and 
> dragged off as suspected dirty bomb terrorists.  Federal prosecutors will 
> have a heyday.
>Steven Dapra
>At 06:06 PM 2/15/08 -0500, Susan Gawarecki wrote:
>>I'm sure HPs everywhere will be *overjoyed* when every person has their 
>>own personal radiation detector.  And local police departments will be 
>>especially happy.
>>The system proposed below may well be automated.  No truckload of bananas 
>>will be safe.  Nor would any patient who had recently undergone a medical 
>>procedure involving a radioactive isotope.
>>Susan Gawarecki
>>Purdue working on cell phones with radiation detection
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