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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
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"Sjostedt, Svetlana (CNAHS-RAH)" <Svetlana.Sjostedt at health.sa.gov.au> wrote:
  Dear all,

I'm medical physicist student from Royal Adelaide Hospital (Australia).
At our radio oncology department we are creating e-learning course
related to radiation and safety issues in Radiotherapy for medical
personal such as doctors, nurses and radiotherapists. And I'm looking
for theoretical materials such as completed modules, designed to address
medical radiation safety issues in the Radiotherapy field. I think it is
possible to create it assuming significant amount of information
available in this field and especially if it (preferably) needs to be
tailored for radiation oncology only. But I thought it might be existent
modules already available and running in some medical institutions.

Did anyone come across with such information? Or can you point me in the
right direction? 

King regards.

Svetlana Sjostedt. 

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