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What is limit of exposure to a member of the public?  1 mSv (100mr = 100 mrem)?  If a reasonable calculation indicated that the dose would be less than 100 mSv, you are not required to provide the patient with instructions.
  One point seems to be forgotten.  Prior to the release of the patient, the licensee is to provide instructions TO THE PATIENT on restrictions to reduce exposures to their family and public.  If the patient refuses to follow those instructions, the licensee is not response for the patient's actions
  By the way, you should always measure the patient with a meter.  Do not relie on calculatons that if you give this dose the exposure will be such-and-such.  The body will attenuate a lot of the exposure.

Moshe Levita <mlevita at tasmc.health.gov.il> wrote:

Suppose the driver exposure will be 20 - 40 mr ( 100-200 mci patient , 1hr at 1 meter). 
Do we have to inform him about his radioactive patient ?

Moshe Levita
Chief Physicist
Tel Aviv Medical Center


I would first ask what would be the taxi driver's exposure be? Decisions should be based on exposures, not on whether or not the patient is radioactive.

Sandy Perle wrote: It would be ethical to notify anyone of an impending exposure. The patient would more likely not receive a ride home. This is another example for the need of public education.

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