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I have been catching up on my radsafe reading since the holiday break
and shortly after reading the chat string about Ernest Rutherford's "All
science is either physics or stamp collecting"     I receive an e-mail,
not related to RADSAFE at all, about physics, while it is completely off
topic it is entertaining and I share it to make you smile


I checked Snopes.com a reference page which looks at urban legends, some
times debunking, some times verifying things get sent around cyberspace
and perceived to be true because it was on the internet or from so & so
etc... these folks did check this out and it seems to be accurate for
the most part - see 
http://www.snopes.com/photos/advertisements/hondacog.asp for additional


Remember it's physics, so it is science :-)


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Make sure you read all that follows and then turn your sound up a
little.     Awesome.


This is just way TOO cool a video. You have to see it to believe it but
be sure to first read the text intro below.


If you thought that the people who set up a room full of dominoes to
have them knocked over later was amazing, you haven't seen anything yet.


There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in these images.
Everything that you see happened in real time exactly as you see it.


The recording required 606 takes and in the first 605 takes there always
was something, usually of minor importance, that didn't work. It was
necessary for the recording team to install the set-up time after time
and it took several weeks' working day and night to achieve this effect.


The recording cost 6 million dollars and it took 3 months to finish,
including the engineering design of the sequence.


The duration of the video is only 2 minutes, but every time that Honda
shows the commercial on British television, they make enough money to
support any of us for the rest of our lives. However, this commercial
has turned out to be the most displayed in the history of the Internet.


Honda execs think that it will pay for itself simply because of the free
showings (Honda is not paying one cent for you to see it) When Honda
senior execs viewed it, they immediately approved it without hesitation,
including costs.


There are only six Honda Accords built by hand in the whole world, and
to the horror of Honda engineers, the recording team disassembled two of
them for the recording.


Everything you see in the sequence (besides the walls, floor, ramp and
untouched Honda Accord) is part of those two automobiles. The voice is
that of Garrison Keiller. The commercial was so well received by Honda
execs when they saw it, that their first comment was how amazing the
computer graphics were. They almost fell out of their chairs when told
that the recording was real without any graphics manipulation. 


By the way, about the wind shield wipers in the new Honda Accords, they
are sensitive to water and designed to start working as soon as they get


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