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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Mon Jan 7 20:04:34 CST 2008

Jan. 7

         Section 10-805 b. cannot be construed as an attempt to control the 
release of outside (non-health or fire department) data from air monitoring 
equipment.  It is a requirement that detections of certain agents at or 
above a prescribed level be reported, whether or not the owner of the 
detector, or the person possessing the detector, holds a permit for the 
detector.  To put it differently, all detections at or above a prescribed 
level must be reported whether or not a permit has been issued for the 
detector.  This section could be used to discover un-permitted detectors, 
*assuming* that the owner or possessor of the detector complies with the 
section by reporting prescribed detections of any agents.  If the owner or 
possessor of an un-permitted detector were to report prescribed detections, 
in effect he would be turning himself in as having an un-permitted 
detector.  Is anyone going to be dumb enough to turn himself in?  Well . . 
. .

Steven Dapra

At 10:11 AM 1/7/08 -0800, Emer, Dudley wrote:


>Looking at section §10-805 b.
>"b.  Any person deploying an atmospheric biological, chemical or 
>radiological detector shall immediately notify the police department if 
>such detector indicates the presence of a biological agent, chemical 
>agent, radiation or radioactive substance at thresholds prescribed by the 
>commissioner in consultation with the department of health and mental 
>hygiene and the department of environmental protection, notwithstanding 
>whether the person holds a permit for such detector, by following such 
>procedures as are prescribed by rule of the commissioner and/or are 
>included as a term of the permit itself.  Such person shall comply with 
>the instructions of police department personnel and shall cooperate in any 
>resulting investigation."
>It would seem the effort here is to attempt to control the release of 
>outside (non-health or fire department) data from air monitoring 
>equipment. I would also assume you'll be arrested if you don't cooperate 
>with whatever the police have to say.  I'd sure like to see the fine print 
>details presented in the "procedures as are proscribed by rule of the 
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