[ RadSafe ] NYC Proposal to Permit Radiation Detectors

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Mon Jan 7 20:16:31 CST 2008

But, if you look in the text of the proposed law, they define "radiological  
detector" as follows:
 "The term “radiological detector” shall mean an instrument used  for the 
purpose of monitoring the release or presence of radiation or a  radiological 
And, look at the notification requirements:
"Any person deploying an atmospheric biological, chemical or  radiological 
detector shall immediately notify the police department if such  detector 
indicates the presence of a biological agent, chemical agent, radiation  or 
radioactive substance at thresholds prescribed by the  commissioner."
It is not at all clear that, even if the intent was only to regulate air  
monitors, that the law will be interpreted that way.  Note, in particular  that 
if a "radiological detector" used for the purpose of monitoring the  "presence 
of radiation" indicates its presence at the notification leves set by  the 
commissioner, a report is required.
At best, it is ambiguous.
In a message dated 1/7/2008 10:57:28 AM Pacific Standard Time,  
EMERDF at nv.doe.gov writes:

The  proposed NYC law that I read uses the term "atmospheric detectors", 
where your  copy has that term as "detectors" with the word "atmospheric" 
completely  removed from all of the text. Take a look at this link and note that the  
verbiage is different than the text posted. I believe they are trying to  
regulate air monitoring equipment and not all types of detectors.  


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