[ RadSafe ] NYC Proposal to Permit Radiation Detectors

BLHamrick at aol.com BLHamrick at aol.com
Mon Jan 7 20:26:04 CST 2008

I suspect the question was asked tongue-in-cheek, but in a court of law,  
many a case has turned on a missing or improperly placed comma.
In a message dated 1/7/2008 6:20:35 PM Pacific Standard Time, sjd at swcp.com  

To answer your question, let us remove the  prepositional phrase 
from the sentence.  The sentence will then  read:  "The term 'permit' shall 
mean the permit . . . issued by the  commissioner."

The commissioner is  issuing *permits.*  He is *not* issuing detectors.

Hmmmmm.  Perhaps the question was  tongue-in-cheek.  Nevertheless, 
that's the answer.  The  commissioner is issuing permits.  He is not issuing  


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