[ RadSafe ] Re: Sarkozy pushes nuclear energy in Mideast

Sandy Perle sandyfl at cox.net
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Saving lives, trying to stop genocide, is not meddling, it is the human
thing to do, what supposedly separates us from the rest of the animal
kingdom. The world has essentially forgotten that. History does repeat
itself. What "we" humans allow to happen every day is downright disgusting.
If there is a "hell", then there will be a lot of company up there,
reminding me of an overcrowded refugee camp in Darfur and elsewhere.

If I could save a life, I'd meddle as much as and as often as I can. For
now, I just send lots of $$$ to the various aid groups that are there to
help. That is my small way of saying, what is happening is inhumane and
needs to stop.

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A number of my relatives are dead as a result of that unfortunate bit of 
history, and a lot more would be dead if the US had not meddled when it did.

It is difficult to make an argument that there is never a moral calamity 
that justifies a bit of meddling. 

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