[ RadSafe ] Re: Sarkozy pushes nuclear energy in Mideast

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Well said.


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> Saving lives, trying to stop genocide, is not meddling, it is the human
> thing to do, what supposedly separates us from the rest of the animal
> kingdom. The world has essentially forgotten that. History does repeat
> itself. What "we" humans allow to happen every day is downright 
> disgusting.
> If there is a "hell", then there will be a lot of company up there,
> reminding me of an overcrowded refugee camp in Darfur and elsewhere.
> If I could save a life, I'd meddle as much as and as often as I can. For
> now, I just send lots of $$$ to the various aid groups that are there to
> help. That is my small way of saying, what is happening is inhumane and
> needs to stop.
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> A number of my relatives are dead as a result of that unfortunate bit of
> history, and a lot more would be dead if the US had not meddled when it 
> did.
> It is difficult to make an argument that there is never a moral calamity
> that justifies a bit of meddling.
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