[ RadSafe ] Re: Sarkozy pushes nuclear energy in Mideast

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Fri Jan 25 12:51:00 CST 2008


I don't think WWII can be made out to be oil related, nor can Vietnam or Korea or Bosnia.  As 
for Darfur and Rwanda, can you tell me (I don't know) which countries invaded them?  By that 
I mean, if they are conflicts within a single nation rather than between multiple nations, then 
there is the sovereignty of the nation which must be considered.  In part, it was to restore the 
sovereignty of nations that WWII was fought.

If you are saying, We shouldn't meddle with any country because we didn't meddle with X 
country,  then that's just silly.

If you are saying, Shame on the world for allowing Darfur and Rwanda to be genocidal 
cesspits, then there may be some truth in that.

But if you are saying, We only meddle from a sense of bigotry and opportunistic greed, then I 
think you are wrong.  The racial question is valid, but entirely separate from the question of 
whether one nation should come to the aid of another that is being attacked.

Gary Isenhower

On 25 Jan 2008 at 11:35, Peterson, Ken wrote:

Unfortunately, we only "meddle" in places that have white people
and/or oil.  We don't seem to be "meddling" much in Darfur, nor did we
meddle in Rwanda in the 90's....

Gary Isenhower, M.S.

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