[ RadSafe ] Re: More about Falkenrath (was New Your City Councilmeets on detectors)

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Thu Jan 31 12:11:54 CST 2008

Given his political background, bets as to where he stands on gun

I suspect his position would be that while the Constitution gives the
right to have weapons it does not give the right to have information,
and so any level of government can act to suppress it.

I suspect he works on the idea that a little knowledge is dangerous, and
Americans should be kept as safe as possible.   

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On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 20:26:12 -0700 Steve Dapra wrote:

"More about Falkenrath:  "Falkenrath is a long-standing member -- albeit
a junior one -- of the Bush inner circle. He worked on the
administration's transition to power in 2000 and then in various
positions dealing with weapons-proliferation issues and homeland
security. According to an online biography, he was 'one of the
architects of the Department of Homeland Security and the principal
author of the National Strategy for Homeland Security.' "

The fact that he was an architect of DHS  pretty much says it all.
But, there's even more!
He has no background in law enforcement - unusual for a Deputy Police
This of course brings to mind a former FEMA director who had no
background in emergency management.
In a 2005 Frontline interview, Dr. Falkenrath said of Mr. Brown:

"Lots of people can excel in jobs for which they don't have any
particular experience."


Clayton J. Bradt
Assistant Bureau Director
NYS Dept. of Health

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