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Wed Jul 2 12:06:39 CDT 2008

>From Glasstone's "Sourcebook of Atomic Energy":

"Since the energy of fission is actually due to a decrease of nuclear mass, resulting from a rearrangement of protons and neutrons, it should strictly be called nuclear energy. Nevertheless, the general, historical name "atomic energy", which is widely used, although not quite so precise, is justifiable because the nucleus is part of the atom"

The term "atomic energy" was coined at least 20 years before the neutron was even postulated, and 30 years before it was demonstrated to exist.

By the same definition, strictly speaking, all chemical reactions involve atoms ( or molecules) are also "atomic" .

A reaction to do with only the nucleus is nuclear.

To the person who mentioned me as  "a person supposedly living on selling used equipment" , you forgot to mention that I also design, manufacture, test, repair and calibrate radiological equipment, both meters and probes.

Yes I am happy being merely a meter swinger. 

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab

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