[ RadSafe ] Sources of Thorium

Bourquin, Marty Marty.Bourquin at grace.com
Mon Jul 7 13:58:41 CDT 2008

 We are a licensed facility in the US that uses thorium oxide, high
surface area thorium oxide and thorium nitrate as raw materials in some
our processes.  Our current supplier (in France) has told us that they
will no longer be supplying these materials. We are looking for
alternative suppliers.  China has been mentioned but our raw material
vendors in China have told us that current regulations do not allow them
to export these materials. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I
would love to hear them.

Please feel free to contact me off list if you feel the response is not
of general interest.

Martin W. Bourquin 
Manager - EHS 
Radiation Safety Officer
W.R. Grace & Co 
Chattanooga, TN  37406 

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