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Hi Spencer:

Yellowcake, the mine concentrate, is always represented as the weight
equivalent either as pounds U3O8 or as metric Tonnes metal U.  This
standardized the amount of uranium in the material, regardless of chemical

Yellowcake may come in several chemical forms, but is frequently converted
into one of two commercial weights for sale: either as pounds U3O8
equivalent (even though it may not be an oxide) or as Kg or Tonnes U metal
equivalent. This standardizes the actual amount of uranium that the customer
is buying. Yellowcake is commonly produced as:

Ammonium Diuranate (ADU) - (NH4)2U2O7

Not U3O8.

This product, covered under ANSI standards, is shipped to the conversion
plant to produce UO3 and eventually UF6.

So, if the yellowcake has a reported equivalent assay as Tonnes metal U, the
equivalent, represented as pounds U3O8 is as follows:

Factor for U in U3O8 is 0.848

Factor for Tonnes to pounds is 2205

Factor for Tonnes U to pounds U3O8 is 2205/0.848 = 2600

My assumption about the Iraqi yellowcake is that since the weight was
reported as Tonnes, the "weight equivalent" was probably expressed as metal
U (usually the case for international trades).  So I multiplied the 550
Tonnes by 2600 to express the "weight equivalent" as pounds U3O8.  If the
yellowcake was simply the weight of the material, and that was 550 Tonnes,
then it would still have to be corrected for the equivalent U3O8 (or metal
U) in the product to understand the actual U (or U3O8) equivalent content of
the material.

Dan ii

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If a Metric Tonne is 1000 Kg = 2205 lb. then 550 metric tonne =
1,212,750 lb.  So I do not understand the calculation below.

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By my calculation, the 550 metric tonnes U amounts to 1,430,000 lbs U3O8
having a commercial value of $107,250,000 at $75 / lb U3O8.  As memory
serves, I think that most of this material came from byproduct
phosphoric acid production from the marine phosphorites in Iraq similar
to those in Israel and Syria. "

Dan ii

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