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I agree with Dan. This is not enriched uranium (i.e., enriched
isotopically with U-235) but, rather, processed ore / uranium
concentrate that preserves the natural abundance of U-235 (0.71% by wt).
No critical mass would be possible with yellow cake (which is actually
black or brown in colour).


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I hate to bust your bubble, but I think that has nothing to do with
criticality whatsoever.  The loads are simply placed over the axles.
I've seen this configuration frequently when quite heavy objects are
loaded onto flatbeds.  It significantly reduces the flex and bounce of
the flatbed itself.  Some truckers prefer this kind of loading

But correct me if I'm wrong!

Dan ii

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Notice how the fissile material is transported, the two canisters are
apart, compared to less enriched material, which is stacked close
on the truck.

I took all these pictures.Since this trip my mobile lab also includes 
neutron detection.

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab

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That's where Cameco processes the yellowcake into purified UO3 at Blind 
River and converted to UF6 at Port Hope. 

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