[ RadSafe ] uranium leak at SOCATRI plant

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France's Areva says uranium leaked into river
Tue Jul 8, 2008 3:09pm EDT

PARIS (Reuters) - French nuclear firm Areva said on Tuesday 30 cubic meters
of a liquid containing natural uranium was accidentally poured on the ground
and into a river at a site in southeastern France.

The uranium, which was not enriched, was poured on the ground during the
cleaning of a tank at the Socatri group, an Areva subsidiary, on the site of
the Tricastin nuclear plant.

"Around 30 cubic meters of a liquid containing uranium, with a concentration
of 12 grams of uranium per liter, was poured on the ground," France's
nuclear safety authority said in a statement, adding that it will carry out
an investigation on July 10 to determine the causes of the accident.

Socatri specializes in the maintenance and dismantling of nuclear material
as well as managing nuclear waste.

Part of the liquid soaked into the ground at the company's premises while
the rest ran into the Gaffiere and Lauzon rivers, which flow into the Rhone.

A Socatri spokesman said the firm will monitor the impact of the accident on
the environment.

(Reporting by Muriel Boselli)

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Hi all,


Here are some more information about the uranium leak at SOCATRI yesterday.


This in only in French but I'll try to make a short summary if I get some
free time during the day.



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