[ RadSafe ] Airport X-ray body scanners

Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Thu Jul 10 09:13:57 CDT 2008

There are several factors that should be addressed.


1.    Dose to the individual

As far as dose, we all recognize that this is insignificant, no matter
what age of the individual exposed. More dose from natural background,
smoke from others containing radioactive material and any medical
procedure that the individual undertakes. This is a non-issue.


2.    Privacy

While I personally don't have any issues with this being a privacy
issue, since many have voiced privacy and modesty issues as a reason
against this new technology, the methodology has been well explained.
The individual viewing the screen does not see the individual, there is
no identification, the viewer is in a different room, and, the images
are not saved, they are deleted as soon as the scan is done and the
individual is cleared. This seems workable to me. 


3.    Overall objective

Protect the flying public. Sounds good to me. As a frequent flyer, I
want as many logical and realistic security checks performed that are
effective as well as being time reduced. I am tired of waiting in long
lines at airports, where they don't have priority screening, to see some
of the ridiculous checks that are performed, and most are ineffective,
performed by over-worked staff and many not having a clue and no
consistency from one airport check-point to another. I want the most
technologically advanced systems in place that will protect me and my
family, and oh yes, the rest of you as well. If this technology and
those that are being developed will do that, then I say bring them on.
There is a point where public safety and the saving of lives and/or
reducing catastrophic injury must be implemented. I'm tired of those who
cry that their rights are being trodden on. Answer, don't get on a
plane, don't go in a building where security checks are performed. If
you want to risk your life, then stick your head in the sand and maybe
this will all just go away. In the meantime, I and my family are not
going to suffer because of your beliefs that government should do
nothing, that we continue to perform the current meaningless checks that
simply waste time and don't give me any relief when I am in the air for
11 hours over some large body of water.



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