[ RadSafe ] Rosalie Bertell - Knew Little about Radiation, Now into HAARP

Doug Aitken jdaitken at sugar-land.oilfield.slb.com
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Looks like the end of the world, Roger!
The article claims that Rosalie Bertell is a high-level scientist who was
designated by the Reagan administration to study the effects of the "Star
Wars" project. She is now a consultant to the European Parliament on HAARP.

Which, the article claims is the ultimate "doomsday technology", capable of
deep-underground scanning to detect secret bases, interrupting all forms of
electronic communication, influence human behavior, change the climate,
"grill" flying aircraft like a microwave oven, cause earthquakes and
explosions as strong as an atomic bomb......

It seems that most of the furor was triggered by the book "Angels don't play
this Haarp".
Google the title and you will get plenty of information!


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If any of the list members who are French would care to reply, here is the
link that I got from Google Alerts.  She certainly deserves to be exposed as
a has been and phony with no real knowledge of the subject at all.  I don’t
know why she has decided to take on the HAARP research program at the
University of Alaska.


Roger Helbig

de-guerre-des-etats-unis.html>  nouvelles technologies de guerre des
Le Post - Paris,France
Parmi ceux-ci, le Dr Rosalie Bertell, une scientifique de haut niveau qui,
naguère, avait été désignée comme expert par l'administration Reagan pour
étudier ...
27/1231669_les-nouvelles-technologies-de-guerre-des-etats-unis.html> See all
stories on this topic 

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